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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — 13 September 2018 – Tango Mining Limited (“Tango” or the “Company”) (TSXV:TGV) is pleased to provide a 2018 financial year end operational and production update on its diamond and coal project portfolio located in the Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Angola and recently added Liberia.

DIAMONDS – Oena, Republic of South Africa

 Tango – Mining and Processing Contractor

At the Oena Diamond Mine located in the Western Cape, appointed mining contractor, Bluedust 7 Proprietary Limited (“Bluedust”) has mobilized and commissioned mining and processing equipment commencing 16 November 2017.

Bluedust successfully recommenced production and recovered a total of 941 carats since January 2018 and have recently focussed their production on ROM material. Mining has primarily focused on what is known as the Oena Site and will shortly commence on the Blokwerf Site where Bluedust is currently mobilizing equipment. The following table provides a detailed breakdown of work on site since January 2018.

Oena continues to produce very high value diamonds including a 42.26 carat diamond recently that was sold for US$11,267 per carat.  Bluedust currently has 36 employees on site.

OENA MINE Jan-Feb Feb-Mar Mar-Apr Apr-May May-Jun Jun-Jul Jul-Aug Total
Mining Block Palio Channel Pothole & Rooikoppie Pothole & Rooikoppie & Oena Oos Pothole & Pothole Oena Oos &

Rooikoppie & Oena Oos Quarry

Pothole & Firestone Tailings & Oena Oos Quarry & Rooikoppie D/Barker Pothole & Oena Central & Oena Soccer Field Oena Central Soccer Field
Stripping Tons
Run of Mine (ROM) Tons 14,940 23,700 32,190 25,590 32,130 37,020 41,610 207,180
Total Mined Tons 14,940 23,700 32,190 25,590 32,130 37,020 41,610 207,180
Recovery Pan Tailings and Bantams
Total Carats Crt 52.05 36.65 10.80 1.27 0.65 0.00 0.00 101.42
Stones St 38 29 13 2 2 84
Average Stone Size Crt/St 1.37 1.26 0.83 0.64 0.33 1.21
Recovery Run of Mine (ROM)
Total Carats Crt 53.65 119.50 134.81 71.60 152.14 168.08 140.17 839.95
Stones St 38 77 120 60 93 83 76 547
Average Stone Size Crt/St 1.41 1.55 1.12 1.19 1.64 2.03 1.84 1.54


Bluedust Equipment – Oena Site Bluedust Equipment – Blokwerf Site
16 ft pan with headfeed bin

16 ft pan with headfeed bin

14 ft pan with headfeed bin

BVX sorting unit

Complete sorthouse with tailings belt

225 Kva Plant supply generator

Main water pump generator

60-ton Volvo excavator

46-ton Volvo excavator

25-ton Bell excavator

3 x 30-ton Volvo ADT dump trucks

2 x 30-ton Bell ADT dump trucks

3 x 958 Foton frond end loaders

2 x Infield power screens

16 ft pan with headfeed bin

Dewatering screen

Desanding screen with product belt

250 tph infield barrel screen

175 Kva Generator


 Tango – African Star Minerals (“ASM”)

During the course of the year, Tango through its local subsidiary, ASM, acquired an additional pan plant (the “Plant”) with a 120 tonne per hour (“tph”) capacity to be used to process Tailings left on site from previous mining operations. The Plant began commissioning in June 2018 and is ready to begin processing material. Start of production has been delayed due to the 260 KVA diesel generators that was purchased and has had to be replaced, delaying commissioning of the operation. New piping and water pipe were also purchased and are onsite and ready to be installed. A mobile screening unit and earth moving equipment will be mobilized to site to support the Plant operations and this is anticipated to occur prior to the end of 2018. ASM currently has 8 employees on site.

ASM Equipment – Oena Site  
Double 16 ft pan

Headfeed bin with belt

Desanding screen

Desanding belt

Pan feed belt

Dewatering screen

Tailings belt with tailings bin

Vertical spindle puddle pumps

260 Kva Generator complete in container

97000 L Water dam

Water pump from dam to pans

22kw Main water supply pump

1.3 km water supply pipeline

Complete Grease recovery (Pre-Build)

8 x Concentrate bins



Important Notice: The Company will no longer publish monthly Oena diamond sales information and will publish quarterly sales information moving forward.

DIAMONDS – Middlepits Project, Republic of Botswana

 The Middlepits Project is located 470 kilometers (km) south west of Gaborone and 90 km south west of Tshabong in the Kgalagadi District, Botswana and consists of two Prospecting Licenses (“PLs”) that were explored between 1974 and 1976 by De Beers, between 1978 and 1980 by Falconbridge and between 1993 and 1997 by Southern Africa Minerals Corporation.

Metswedi Mining (Pty) Limited has advised Tango that it is still in the process of renewal of PL101 (429 km2) and PL58 (2.3 km2). Closing of the transaction is subject to the renewal of the PLs and Tango has not completed any work on the property to date given the PLs have not been renewed as of today’s date.

DIAMONDS – Moquita Project, Republic of Angola

Tango has signed a Services Agreement for Mining and Marketing of Diamonds with Cooperativa Mineira Do Moquita, SCRL (“Moquita”) on a 147 km2 portion of a concession located 50 km north of Lucapa within the Lauchimo River basin, Province of Lunda Norte, Republic of Angola. Tango is responsible for capital expenditures associated with alluvial diamond mine design and equipment acquisition as well as enhancing production. As remuneration, Tango will receive 60% of the proceeds from the sale of produced diamonds.

Tango has created a strategic funding partnership with CC Mining Limited (“CCML”), a member of Consolidated Contractors Company Group which is one of the world’s largest diversified international engineering and construction companies active in over 50 countries and across five continents and with total revenue in 2017 of US$6 billion. This funding and technical partnership has initially focussed on funding the Services Agreement with Moquita.

DIAMONDS – Mano River Project, Republic of Liberia

Tango has signed an acquisition agreement to acquire an 80% unencumbered interest in the Mano River Project consisting of one recently granted 104.3 km2 diamond mineral exploration license located in the western part of Republic of Liberia. This portion of Liberia is well known for the wide spread occurrence of alluvial diamonds and the known presence of kimberlites.

COAL – Metallurgical and Mining Projects, Republic of South Africa

Tango currently has 254 employees in its coal business, working on behalf of three engineering contracts the Company has with Exxaro Coal Central (ECC) Propriety Limited`s thermal coal, metallurgical and processing plants. These three processing plants currently process a combined 6.5 million tonnes per annum (“tpa”) at the Dorstfontein West, Dorstfontein East and Forzando mines located 120 km east of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. The three contracts were awarded in 2017 and are subject to renegotiation and renewal in June 2020.

The Company continues to evaluate a number of opportunities to expand this part of its business.

Health, Safety and Environmental:

No reportable incidents recorded on ECC Operations for the 4th quarter.


Three months June 2018 to August 2018 ROM and Discard throughput for the three ECC operations:





Variance (t) Comments
Dorstfontein East 622 310 695 282 -72 972 Coal supply issues from Opencast Pit
Dorstfontein West 272 902 271 452 1 450
Forzando 846 604 854 977 -8 373 Coal supply issues from Underground Mining

Twelve months September 2017 to August 2018 ROM and Discard throughput for the three ECC operations:





Variance (t) Comments
Dorstfontein East 2 385 659 2 679 722 -294 063 Coal supply issues from Opencast Pit
Dorstfontein West 1 082 800 1 031 433 51 367
Forzando 3 324 199 3 370 020 -45 821 Coal supply issues from Underground Mining
Total 6 792 658 7 081 175 -288 517

 Recognitions in the past three months:

Following ISO and OHSAS surveillance audits the operations were credited with the following:

  • Successful transition to ISO 14001: 2015 and retaining of certification.
  • Retaining of OHSAS 18001:2001 certification.

Safety Awards:

  • Dorstfontein East achieved 36 months lost time injury free.
  • Dorstfontein East achieved 7 000 fatality free shifts.
  • Dorstfontein West achieved 6 months lost time injury free.
  • Forzando achieved 30 months lost time injury free.
  • Forzando achieved 20 000 fatality free shifts.

On behalf of the Tango Board of Directors

Mr. Samer Khalaf

Chief Executive Officer

Tango Mining Limited


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