About Southstone


We are focused to always conduct business activities and interact with our surroundings with honesty, integrity and transparency, while at the same time building trust in our ability to unlock tangible value to our stakeholders impacted by our operations. We keep reminding ourselves and each other, mentally and verbally of our commitment to unlock stakeholder value in everything we do. We believe that maximizing shareholder value over the long term is best achieved through an intelligent regard for all our stakeholders, and by acting with integrity and responsibility in maintaining operational excellence.


Being inherently an entrepreneurial and interactive learning organization, we encourage innovative thinking and promote the development of new ideas on how to do things better. We are inspired by what we do and approach our work with energy and commitment. We value our people, the value of diversity, the need for a level of independence between projects and healthy competition between teams, while still developing and respecting our people as individuals and inputs as valuable team members.


We distinguish between the concept of responsibility and accountability in that we measure our performance on an ongoing basis, while delivering against targets as promised. We take ownership of our mistakes and actions to rectify our standing should the circumstance require us to do so.


We recognise the importance of and are committed to employing, develop and training citizens wherever possible from communities localised in the country of operation. Dignity, respect and care for the prevailing culture, demographics, language and history impacts management decision-making processes, strategic implementation thereof and guides operating ethos.


We are committed to the effective stewardship of all resources within our care, being either human, natural or financial. Concern for the welfare and acknowledgement of the rights of all interested and affected parties is a central feature in our operating philosophy. We recognize the need for operations to strike a balance within its economic means, considering environmental constraints and socio-economic impact of operations, while not compromising on safety and health responsibilities. To achieve this, we are committed to promoting and maintaining good working practice while safeguarding our employees, contractors and visitors to our operations.


We believe the way we act to day should positively influence our destiny of tomorrow. We are sensitive to the notion that we from part of a greater socio-economic biosphere and acknowledge the need to invest to ensure a positive operating legacy and sustainable return for all stakeholders.


Our moral compass on issues pertaining to sustainability provides guidance to our corporate investment strategy, and considers our responsibility as a corporate citizen and our operations impact on the regulative environment, socio-economic as well as its immediate surroundings.