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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA — 11 April 2023 — Southstone Minerals Limited (“Southstone” or the “Company”) (TSX.V – SML) provides information on diamond sales for the period 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2023 (Q2 2023) and an operational update for the Oena Diamond Mine (“Oena”), South Africa.

Diamond sales for Q2 2023 totalled 60.32 carats averaging USD $3,117 per carat with gross revenue of USD $188,047 (Table 1). This includes three diamonds >5 carats (Table 2) including a 20.66 carat diamond that sold for gross revenue of USD $115,600 (USD $5,596 per carat).

Diamonds are sold at a designated tender facility and total sales in Q2 2023 are summarized in Table 1.

Period Mining location Weight sold (carats) Number of diamonds Gross revenue (USD) Price per carat (USD)
Q2 2023 Blokwerf Section 8.34 5 $4,958 $595
Q2 2023 Oena Proper Section 51.98 17 $183,089 $3,522
Total sales 60.32 22 $188,047 $3,117

Table 1 – Q2 2023 total diamond sales.

During Q2 2023 Oena produced several >5 carat diamonds in Q2 2023 and are summarized in Table 2.

Diamond Mining location Weight sold (carats) Gross revenue (USD) Price per carat


1 Oena Proper Section 20.66 $115,600 $5,596
2 Oena Proper Section 10.23 $32,613 $3,190
3 Oena Proper Section 5.89 $27,990 $4,750
Total sales 36.78 $176,203 $4,791

Table 2 – Diamonds recovered >5 carats.

 Oena Diamond Mine

Oryx Mining (Pty) Ltd (“Oryx”) commenced diamond mining operations in early June 2022 and completed a significant amount of exploration and bulk sample testing to 30 March 2023. Diamond sales during this period totalled 587.57 carats averaging USD $1,820 per carat with gross revenue of USD $1,069,553. Total production and a summary of each of seven tenders from June 2022 to 30 March 2023 by Oryx is presented in Table 3 and individual specials recovered (>10.8 carats) are presented in Table 4. Oryx has advised the Company that it will discontinue operations at Oena, effective immediately, and no further production or sales other than those reported in Table 3 will be produced by Oryx.

The Company is seeking a new contractor, or contractors, to recommence operations at Oena. Several potential new contractors are visiting Oena in mid-April. Opportunities exist for reprocessing of historical tailings and production from run of mine material at Oena, Sandberg and Blokwerf Sections (Figure 1). Two areas, located outside of the current approved Mine Works Program, Visrivier and Kabies Section, located further upstream, also represent excellent untested potential for the Oena but have never been explored.

Mining location Tender no.  (day/mo.) Carats sold Number of diamonds Gross revenue (USD) Price per carat


Blokwerf South 1 (12/7) 44.32 25 $45,000 $1,015
Blokwerf South 2 (16/8) 100.25 57 $65,669 $655
Blokwerf South 3 (22/9) 79.99 44 $150,396 $1,880
Blokwerf South 3 (22/9) 69.03 28 $129,560 $1,877
Blokwerf South 4 (20/10) 38.05 20 $72,665 $1,910
Blokwerf South 4 (20/10) 32.65 21 $20,615 $631
Blokwerf North 4 (20/10) 40.50 6 $270,238 $6,673
Blokwerf North 5 (24/11) 8.73 9 $1,642 $188
Blokwerf South 5 (24/11) 27.76 19 $13,630 $491
Blokwerf South 5 (24/11) 24.33 13 $29,254 $1,202
Blokwerf South 5 (24/11) 55.17 22 $63,160 $1,145
Blokwerf South 6 (28/2) 8.34 5 $4,958 $595
Oena Proper 6 (28/2) 10.72 7 $29,966 $2,795
Oena Proper 6 (28/2) 41.26 10 $153,123 $3,711
Oena Proper

(Q3 2023 sales)

7 (28/3) 6.47 3 $19,675 $3,041
Total (tenders 1-7) 587.57 289 $1,069,553 $1,820

Table 3 – Total diamond sales June 2022 to 30 March 2023.

Tender no. 


Weight (carats) Gross revenue (USD) Mining location Price per carat (USD)
3 (22/9) 18.69 $97,823 Blokwerf  South $5,233
3 (22/9) 21.36 $36,888 Blokwerf South $1,727
3 (22/9) 12.35 $70,383 Blokwerf South $5,700
4 (20/10) 15.19 $59,646 Blokwerf South $3,927
4 (20/10) 31.33 $268,107 Blokwerf North $8,559
5 (24/11 12.88 $18,189 Blokwerf South $1,423
6 (28/2) 10.23 $32,613 Oena Proper $3,190
6 (28/2) 20.66 $115,600 Oena Proper $5,596
Total (tenders 3-7) 142.71 $699,249 $4,900

Table 4 – Oena Diamond Mine Specials sold June 2022 to March 2023.

Oena consists of an 8,800-hectare mining right located along the Orange River (Figure 1). Oena is owned by African Star Minerals (ASM) of which 43% is owned by Southstone. ASM received 20% of gross revenue and ASM is responsible for any mineral royalties payable.

The Company also reports that Ms. Donna M. Moroney has resigned as Director, effective 21 February 2023, and will remain as Corporate Secretary of the Company.

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