Oena Project – ASM Oryx JV

The barrel screen plant (red) is fed mined material straight from the pits.

This plant then removes all the big stones and boulders from the gravel to reduce damage to main production plant. From here the gravel is hauled to the production plant for processing.

This Pan Plant (grey) is our production plant. The gravel is fed with a front end loader to the feed bin where is then travels via conveyor belt to the Green sand screen you see on the following photos.

This Green screen removes the sand from the gravel to reduce water consumption and to make the control of the puddle easier.

From the green screen the gravel travels via conveyor to the two 16ft pans where your light material gets separated from you heavier and more dense material.

Light material flows to the middle and out via the tailings chute, over a de-watering screen which recovers the puddle and water and then gets re-introduced to the system to form a closed puddle circuit.

This is again to reduce water consumption and to increase the to life of the slime dam. The de-watered material then travels via conveyor out the plant and over the edge into the slime dam.

The heavy and more dense material in the pans move to the outer rim of the pans where it then gets extracted by “tappers” or spiral extractors and deposited into closed and seelable bins and this we call our concentrate bins.

The concentrate bins from here gets fed through a BVX X-ray machine to further concentrate the gravel and reduce the total amount of gravel that needs to be sorted to recover the diamonds.

From here its basically just sorting and making up the export parcels.