Coal – Kwena Group



Southstone Minerals Limited has three thermal coal, metallurgical and processing plant and engineering contracts (“Contracts”) located within the Ogies and Highveld coalfields, Mpumalanga Province, Republic of South Africa.


The three Contracts were awarded in 2017 and are subject to renegotiation and renewal in June 2020. The Contracts process 6.5 million tonnes per annum (19.5 million tonnes are contracted over next 3 years), with Exxaro Coal Central (ECC) Propriety Limited.

Tango owns a 74% interest of three operating companies in South Africa collectively the “Kwena Group” that work to support these Contracts.

  • Kwena Mining Projects (Pty) Ltd.
  • Kwena Mining and Metallurgical Services (Pty) Ltd.
  • Kwena Springlake Projects (Pty) Ltd.


The Kwena Group was formed in August 1998 and is operated by an experienced process / metallurgical personnel team who have a vast knowledge of operational expertise on both small and large operations and a number of commodities.

The Kwena Group have focused on providing expertise and services to:

  • operations that were independently unable to attract qualified personnel, and therefore ran the risk of poor metallurgical efficiencies and performance resulting in underachieved returns and substantial revenue losses; and
  • contracting to senior companies who have outsourced their operations to contracting companies in order to remain competitive both locally and internationally.

The combined experience of the team amounts to >225 years of operations on metallurgical / process plants in the mining industry. Each member has held a senior position on a metallurgical plant and their experience is not limited to coal but also includes base and precious metals (gold and platinum).


Continued development plans in place to grow the business using the successful past 20-year business model, an established market presence and its proven successful operational reputation in the coal, base and precious metal and precious stone Southern African mining sector.